Morley RC Membership


The club has much equipment for beginners to use across all disciplines shot. Coaching is given to all new members to ensure they are safe and become competent in their chosen discipline(s). Existing shooters will find a wealth of competitions to enter.

In the first instance a potential new member should contact the secretary in order to make an appointment to visit the range. Contact Janet at:

Please bring two forms of proof of identity on your first visit (see list of valid documents on right as a downloadable link). During that visit you will be shown around the range, have the basics of the discipline(s) explained and meet any existing members who are shooting at the time. You will be given a membership application form and asked to return on an agreed later date with the completed application form.

Probationary membership is approximately 6 months before full membership can be applied for from the committee.


Plus a reminder of some of the written ones

– Make sure you have your card ready – it is up to you to put in on a board and put it in the slot to go down in its turn.
– If you are not shooting be ready to change cards PROMPTY for those who are, making sure the red light is off.
– Do not get up and leave the firing point whilst others are shooting.
– Please use the buzzer – if the batteries run out TELL SOMEBODY!
– You are just as responsible for range safety as the range officer is.
– Make sure those either side of you have a breech flag in and the red light is off before going forward of the firing point
– Make sure before any firearm is moved or touched in any way it has a breech flag in – the only time it should not have a breech flag is when it does not have a bolt in it and or when its pointing down the range in your shoulder .
– The vacuum cleaner is available for use by all club members. Feel free to use any of the cleaning equipment at any time!
– Pick up your empty cases and put them in the red bins provided.
– Feel free to tidy up outside at anytime – thanks to our regular visitors there is always a can or two to move.
– Make sure you sign the ammunition book if you purchase any ammunition.
– The club does have access to an outdoor range – try it or try an open shoot, they are great fun.
– If you want some kit ask around the club, or ask for recommended web sites.
– Try and keep your bags under the table or chairs – the ambulance will never find us if somebody tires to break their necks!
– If you are not sure or unhappy about something ASK, the Secretary’s Crystal Ball is not as reliable as her Broomstick.